ICS 2021 - 1950 ford Buckel taunus Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1950 ford Buckel taunus

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well. it has : wooden trim on the sides , yugo seats in the inside, belts? we dont need thooose. bigger white wall tyres, made the rocker panels a bit bigger (bettle style) and put pre 67 bettle bumpers (us spec and lamps). on the engine there is now an alternator from a random GM car (but made it shiny ), 12 v system and electronic ignition. full 18 HP of powwaaa. Also , from the factory there is no water pump on the engine, and that level of disregard towards overheating must be FACTREE. then my sister kinda liked it so much, she made some slav jank arty farty crafty textile and put it on the seats. now looks like 1950is all over again. And a cup holder for whiskey is in the glove compartment, just like all the loose rust :D . Put some shade over the windshield couse the heater doesnt heat. or cool. just blows loose dirt when drivin.

About the build:

well, I have a lot of free time and a wife that supports me. also , I started doing old rust buckets with my late father (which you can see in some videos on my instagram and youtube) and we would usually find the most decrepit cars and return them to life. so I found this old ford on marketplace on FB, and bought it. It is an ongoing project, and I will try to make it a ratty lookin woody, with wood panels, janky looking repairs but a blast to drive, so my kids can look cool , when their old man isnt :D The goal is to make it a fun car to look at and with all those 18 HP on tap. well. You know I sure will be putting some speed records (when I push it of a cliff , that is) because 0-60 time is NO, there is no 0-60 time :D

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