International Quarantine Car Show
IQCS 2020

1979 Ford Mustang 5.0 Hatchback

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Ford 302 from an ‘89 Mustang GT, full stainless exhaust, shorty headers, X-pipe, Edelbrock Performer intake, 650 cfm AVS2 carburetor, Ford GT40P heads, bored .030 over, fully machined engine. 17x8/9” Saleen SC wheels, 225/50R17 and 255/50R17 tires, built 8.8 inch rear end with LSD, 3.73 gears, Eibach springs, massive sway bars, later mustang GT Front brakes, aluminum radiator, transmission cooler, dual electric fans, MSD box, built C4 transmission

About the build:

This mustang is my very first car. I have been wrenching on it since 8th grade. I wanted my first car to be something special, and my dad, a die hard gear head since birth, along with his dad, also a gear head, gladly helped. My favorite thing about building this wonderful car was having three generations of gear heads (Myself, My Dad, and My Papa) working on the same car at once. It hasn’t been dynoed, but it should be making over 325 horsepower. We got rid of A/C, heat, radio, sound deadening, and anything else that makes this car comfortable. The end result was a car that is way too fast, according to my mom (who loved a ride in it, by the way) 0-60 is in the mid 4 second range, brakes are strong, and handling is predictable, and with no body roll. I love it to death, and it’ll stay with me as long as I can afford gas. Paint is sun faded, but it’s red vinyl interior is perfect, and it only has 26,xxx miles on it.