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'85 Dodge Cummins 12v 4WD (Part 7)

Part 7: Filthy Rich continues the 12v 4WD standard conversion in a 1985 Franklin-Dodge Ram W350 Crew Cab Dually. We drill holes for the shifter and disassemble the front axle, calipers and brakes!

00:33 Shifter Cover Template
01:02 Banging The Tin Floor Straight
01:18 Making 4WD Access Hole
01:29 Transmission Shifter Cover Access
02:06 Shifter Covers 101
03:27 Don't Have It?  Make It!
03:54 Lingering Wiring Problems
04:06 Brakes & Ball Joints
04:23 Taking The Front Axle Apart
06:20 Removing Calipers & Pads
07:19 Removing Locking Hubs
08:36 Removing Spindle Nuts
10:38 Removing Top Link
11:31 Removing Studs
11:54 Removing Spindle
13:30 Liquid Wrenching The U-Joints
14:07 Removing The Camber Cone
14:51 Finally Disassembled!