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DASH & TRIM: '48 Chevy Fleetmaster (Part 6)

Part 6: Filthy Rich shows Ryan, the original car owner, the Fleetmaster. We get the missing trim and use all our spare car parts before sending it off to the paint shop!

00:20 Ryan & Ozzy Stop By
02:50 Gauge Cluster Cover
03:35 Finishing The Dash
06:16 Spotlight Install
08:10 Chrome Grill On A Budget
09:25 Gas Tank Molasses Rust Removal
09:47 Welding The Hood
10:55 Insulation On A Budget
12:09 Installing Insulation
12:56 DIY Body Mount Bushings
13:22 Putting The Body Back On The Frame
13:44 Hood Hinge Install
14:45 Stretching The Spring
15:48 Next Steps