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EGR Cooler Leak Breaks Massive Engine! $$$ Expensive Repair

How To Fix EGR Cooler Leak on a Massey Ferguson 4610: When the EGR breaks, it gets expensive! Here's how we fixed a massive engine job before doing a review.

00:15 First Checks
01:54 Tear Down
02:36 Removing Rockers & Head
03:15 Removing The Head
03:40 EGR Cooler Leak
05:33 Are The Connecting Rods Bent?
06:04 Piston To Block Height Difference
07:34 How We Found The Nuts & Bolts
08:41 Bearing Assembly
11:08 Head Assembly
11:43 Main Bearing Roll
12:02 Setting Valve Lash
12:30 Oil Pan Install
13:02 Checking Photos For Reference
13:23 Test Drive & Review

Rich Boschtractor