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DEBOSS GARAGE is where you will find diesel swaps, conversions & repairs on anything with a throttle. We release new videos every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday on YouTube.

We release new videos every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday on YouTube.

Diesel Swaps, Conversions & repairs on anything with a throttle

Rich Bosch, aka "Filthy Rich"

Rich Bosch, aka "Filthy Rich"

FILTHY RICH - The #1 Diesel Conversion Guy on YouTube - will show you all the ways to save you money on your vehicle, and make sure you never buy a lemon.

If you’re not filthy, you’re not Rich.

YouTuber, mechanic, & all around handyman, Filthy Rich Bosch is a die-hard Chummins driver, & inventor of the Tape Boss

One day when working with a few of his employees, an idea came to him on how to meet what for him was a very practical need. "When the guys were bugging me with little things, like 'where's the skill saw, Rich’, I'd forget my measurements for what I was doing in my head. So I thought, 'somebody needs to invent a voice recorder that attaches to tape measures.'"


In his younger days, Rich’s go-getter attitude enabled him to accomplish a lot. Every work situation implanted another gift into his growing toolbox of talent, beginning with his apprenticeship with a mechanic, then opening his own construction business. His ambitious work ethic helped establish a solid construction company. It flourished for a period of time, enabling him to begin building a house for he and his young wife with the very skills he used in his business.

An appeal was made for a team to go to Burkina Faso, a country in Africa. "I was sitting in church, and one guy, who had been on the trip the year before, said they needed help building a mechanic's shop. Obviously, he was talking to me. I'm a mechanic. I ran a construction company. That's me, I'm going!"

Everybody in the airport’s looking at me like I’m crazy! I’m thinking, ‘I know, nobody’s ever tried to bring tires over before, as checked luggage.’
— Rich Bosch

It's clear to anyone who knows Rich that this struggling country has endeared itself to him, to the point that he is contemplating possibly returning there when is his two children are older. But until that day, he knows another way to continue supporting them. Remember that invention?

-Excerpts from Faith News Niagara


We are partnering with RICK "OZZY" OSBORNE from Truth For Teens who helps young men recovering from addiction and gang activity.

Ozzy’s Garage can also be delivered as a prevention program for at risk youth. The youth work to build a muscle car or motorcycle which becomes the bridge to build relationship and mentoring opportunities. The program engages youth through their interest in the shop work and they feel pride in the completion of a project. Ozzy’s Garage is situated in the Niagara Region. A mobile version is available for communities who wish to bring the program to their youth.

At DEBOSS GARAGE, youth work on cars with Filthy Rich every other Friday.

Ozzy is a former bike gang member who became Canada's Most Dangerous Criminal by age 19 and arrested by age 21. He spent 25 years in prison where he built muscle cars for the guards, quit drugs, turned his life around, and earned a B.A., Psychology degree. 

Rick Osborne, aka "Ozzy"

Rick Osborne, aka "Ozzy"

Today, Ozzy is a motivational speaker working alongside law enforcement, in particular 'gang' units and speaking in schools. He started a registered charity, Truth For Teens in 2005 to deliver a motorcycle or muscle car build program to work interactively with agency identified/interested youth within their own communities.

Ozzy's Reddit AMA

In February 2016, Ozzy did an AMA where he was asked over 1000 questions on Reddit. He answered a few of those...

In February 2016, Ozzy did an AMA where he was asked over 1000 questions on Reddit. He answered a few of those...