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  • Vice Grip Garage
    Vice Grip Garage
  • The Skid Factory
    The Skid Factory
  • Neutral Drop
    Neutral Drop
  • Regular Car Reviews
    Regular Car Reviews
  • Sarah N Tuned
    Sarah N Tuned
  • PFI Speed
    PFI Speed
  • Black Jack
    Black Jack
  • Junkyard Digs
    Junkyard Digs
  • Flying Sparks Garage
    Flying Sparks Garage
  • Gears and Gasoline
    Gears and Gasoline
  • Speed Academy
    Speed Academy
  • Welker Farms
    Welker Farms
  • Tavarish
  • Bad Obsession Motorsport
    Bad Obsession Motorsport


  • Trophy

    Gearhead Choice

    Could you be the most underrated builder making videos on YouTube? Enter your ride and let the voters decide!
  • Trophy


    Judged by: Vice Grip Garage

    That OEM? Anything but original options on these jerry rigs.
  • Trophy


    Judged by: The Skid Factory

    Unique engine swaps done with limited resources.
  • Trophy


    Judged by: Neutral Drop

    You got what it takes to show up the kings of car carnage, folks?
  • Trophy

    Roast Me

    Judged by: Regular Car Reviews

    Put your personality on display! I will eat your soul.
  • Trophy

    Tuner Taste

    Judged by: Sarah N Tuned

    Style points for the DIY tuner car that still gives it the beans.
  • Trophy

    Fastest Buck

    Judged by: PFI Speed

    Biggest power on the tightest budget!
  • Trophy


    Judged by: Black Jack

    Kit cars and tenacious oddballs inspired by the greatest cars in the world.
  • Trophy

    Revive N Drive

    Judged by: Junkyard Digs

    Back from the dead, and back on the road.
  • Trophy

    Mad Props

    Judged by: Flying Sparks Garage

    Boats, planes, anything with a propeller.
  • Trophy

    Power Trip

    Judged by: Gears and Gasoline

    Purpose-built roadtrippers! Practicality is optional.
  • Trophy

    Hot Lap Hero

    Judged by: Speed Academy

    May or may not be streetable, but it's ready to rip on the track.
  • Trophy


    Judged by: Welker Farms

    Heavy duty mods for heavy duty jobs.
  • Trophy

    Super Modified

    Judged by: Tavarish

    Clean, simple but elegant – and very, VERY powerful.
  • Trophy


    Judged by: Bad Obsession Motorsport

    OCD points for the best brackets holding your rig together.


  • Trophy

    Second Boss


    Gift Card
  • Trophy



    Gift Card
  • Trophy

    Third Boss


    Gift Card

Summit Racing Gift Card

Once our judges have picked winners for all categories, judges will vote in a ranked ballot to award the MEGABOSS Grand Champion and the runners up.

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