Internetional Car Show 2021

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Thank you to all of our prize sponsors and partners who help to make the Internetional Car Show possible! Please support the companies that support our industries!

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category judges

  • Vice Grip Garage
    Vice Grip Garage
  • The Skid Factory
    The Skid Factory
  • Neutral Drop
    Neutral Drop
  • Regular Car Reviews
    Regular Car Reviews
  • Sarah N Tuned
    Sarah N Tuned
  • PFI Speed
    PFI Speed
  • Black Jack
    Black Jack
  • Junkyard Digs
    Junkyard Digs
  • Flying Sparks Garage
    Flying Sparks Garage
  • Gears and Gasoline
    Gears and Gasoline
  • Speed Academy
    Speed Academy
  • Welker Farms
    Welker Farms
  • Tavarish
  • Bad Obsession Motorsport
    Bad Obsession Motorsport


How it Works

  • 1. Upload your car

    Tell us about your ride and why you're proud of it in a video, a photo gallery and a paragraph! Submissions accepted until April 3, 2021.

  • 2. Place your votes

    After March 26th, all submissions will be visible for public voting until April 3, 2021. The top 25 entries in each category will proceed to the final round. Voters will be rewarded with 5 Contest ballots for every vote that qualifies a submission for the Top 25 in the Car Competition.

  • 3. Winners claim their prizes

    All category winners are awarded a trophy by the respective judge. Voters will be rewarded with 20 Contest ballots for every vote that wins a category trophy. Grand Prize winner and runner ups are chosen. Voter contest winners are drawn.


  • Trophy

    Second Boss


    Gift Card
  • Trophy



    Gift Card
  • Trophy

    Third Boss


    Gift Card

Summit Racing Gift Card

Once our judges have picked winners for all categories, judges will vote in a ranked ballot to award the MEGABOSS Grand Champion and the runners up.

Grand Prize

Merch for a cause

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All Hands and Hearts Logo

All the proceeds from ICS2021 merch sales will go directly to All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities by building safe, resilient schools, homes and other community infrastructure.