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Custom cardboard seat cover, door delete, roof delete, bullet holes for "speed holes" box delete... Mostly. Exhaust was professionally ripped off by a stump and a hillbilly with a chop saw, 7018 spec rear diff, front axle delete, rear and front bumper delete, heater box delete, bug juice, over flow jug and AC condenser delete

Build story

Well, the ol ferd F1-CHITTY (replace the c with an s) started out with me buying the truck off my neighbor for a case of beer... The truck was mint and was used for a daily driver, after a sh!t load of sober driving and hard core maintenance, the truck is what it is meow! The ol’F1-CHITTY here has won me 160 bucks in a burnout competition! So she’s paid for herself ten times over! All of that 160 dollars was re invested in beer. The trucks been just beat on the whole time I’ve owned er, which would be aboot 7 years! Every year I drag er outa the snowbank and kick the sh!t outa it just to have it come back for more! This is one ol’ ferd that ol stunt man would have a hard time killing! The new Vidya on the ferd is still in the process of being made!


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