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  • Show Us Your Project – Tell us what you’ve got, where you live, and if we are in your area we’ll be in touch!

  • DG Community - Have questions about your engine swap, vehicle repair, or buying a diesel? If it's got a throttle, this group exists to help you with it.

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  • Bonus: deleted content

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  • Everything from Level 1 PLUS:

  • Help Us Make Videos - Thanks to you, we can continue to make videos on YouTube that provide DIY solutions for automotive problems, and popularize engine swaps and diesel conversions.

  • Q&A Chat - Ask Rich questions related to your build, or just chat about diesels one on one!

  • Up to 15% Discounts on Merch – Get discount codes to use on our merch store!

  • Bonus: Sticker pack.

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$̶1̶0̶0̶ $60 /year
  • Everything from Level 2 PLUS:

  • Up to 30% Discounts on Merch - Get discount codes to use on our merch store!

  • Save 40% on your first year when you sign up during April.

  • Exclusive Discounts on Tools & Car Parts - We are leveraging our partnerships with preferred automotive brands to get you significant discounts on tools, conversion and performance parts that deliver across North America and around the world so you can save money on your projects.

  • Bonus: Signed Tape Boss & Sticker Pack.