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Email us for business inquiries and other collaborations.

Email us for business enquiries and other collaborations.

DEBOSS GARAGE is located in Southern Ontario, Canada


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FAQ: Stuff we get asked about a lot: What will a diesel swap cost, and can you do one? Tips for buying a used diesel? What vehicle do you recommend? We've put together a playlist to help you in planning your project!

Why a diesel conversion will cost you at least $10k:

  • 6BT is ~$2000 + $1500 for basic rebuild (head, pistons, rings & bearings).

  • 4BT is ~$3500 + $1500 for basic rebuild (head, pistons, rings & bearings).

  • Adapter plate, flywheel and starter is ~$2000.

  • Shift controller is ~$600.

  • Alignment fluids, fittings, hoses, machining is ~$500.

  • DG shop rate is $65/hr at an estimate of 70 hours.

  • Don't forget shipping + taxes!