1927 Essex Coupe




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425 oldsmobile high compression, holley 650 double pumper, custom headers, th350 trans. 10 bolt rear end, 4 linked. Mustang II conversion front suspension. Hand built in 5 weeks. No foot pedals, 100% hand controls.

Build story

I built this rat for me to be able to go to car shows, Im paralyzed from the waist down and use a wheelchair to get around, so I dreamed of a hotrod for a while. A few friends decided I needed to build one. With the help of a few family members and friends, we slapped it together in 5 short weeks last spring. Been cruising it since. This started life as just the body. Came from a farmers field in kansas. It was given to me by three awesome friends who also love hot rodding. They wanted to see me crusie too, but the only catch was I had to build it. Thanks to them and some other awesome people from the hot rodding community, I was able to acquire all the parts I needed and get started. I had a general Idea of what i wanted it to look like. So with the help of my brother Ryan we started putting things together. Lucky he has the shop space for a guy in a wheelchair to get around with ease. 5 short weeks of long days we came up with what we call (Jalopy) a old school traditional hot rod with the rat rod vibe because Im not rich and we had no budget. Rat rod by definition is beg, barrow, steal, and build it. So thats what we did. The long shifter is my homemade hand control. Its a floor mounted master with a long old school shifter for my brake and attached to that is the hand throttle made from a old ten speed bike brake lever. It has no pedals. Im sure Im not mentioning alot but watch the video my brother Bob did for me. The current video is up on my page and soon my brothers page, @Ellsworthracing
I started my own page but its still new with not alot of content yet. Soon we will have more shenanigans and burnouts to post so stay tuned to both channels. Also check out my Instagram @1927jalopy


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