67 Mini Cooper R1 Powered RWD




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Swapped 03 yamaha R1 motor,
Sprocket gear gas cap,
Pistons and RC Heads used for shifters/ebrake,
Customs projector bulb headlights,
Fiber glass flip front,
Modified subframe to mount engine,
Shortened bmw driveshaft,
E36 lsd diff 4:10 gears, VW axles + knuckles, spax coilovers + dampners,
Customs stainless gas tank,
VW mk4 blinker indicators,
SS gas tank. Approximately 10 gallons,
Threw in heat pads for the bucket seats,
Motorcycle side mirrors,
Scratch built Half cage and custom rear subframe,
R56 wing attached,
Custom battery tray and bmx tire straps,
3 piece kiezer kosmo wheels 13x7,
Honda radiator with custom piping
Custom mud flapps,
Modified yamaha gauge cluster to fit mini dash,
Mono wiper, the rear interior fully gutted and retubed in to cover the prop shaft and running gear, vw rave green omni paint and some metallic copper spray paint for the roof and front subframe covered in omni clear coat,

Minor mods: Blood on the steering wheel, finger prints all over the windows, 1 flat tire, double twice pipes etc...

Build story

Hi my name is Derek Klegraefe. Im from Pawtucket, RI and i love to tinker.....with metal. So this is my RWD Yamaha R1 67 Mini Cooper. Approximately 150hp??. So i got the rusty holy dead shell from a good friend of mine 3 and half years ago and ive seen the R1 mini swaps. But most of them are chain driven and front wheel drive. I wanted to make something outside the box and more in my budget so i choose to do rwd and ran a driveshaft to the rear as it was just a blank canvas. My dumb brain likes to think it could be a fun burnout machine or drift car haha. Ok so literally the first thing i did was i found the cheapest diff i could find. 50$ for an e36 medium case diff. Then I started with building a rear subframe to hold the diff and axle assembly. Im using front vw control arms and vw axles and knuckles i had kickin around the shop. Next i cut the back firewall completely out and started fitting it to the car. Built a half cage to tie it all in. (1.5 .120 wall dom) I bought an 03 yahama R1 for 2300$ on FB market place, kept what i needed and sold the rest. (Motor, wire harness, fuel pump, ect..) Next i modified the original front subframe in order to hold the motor, built in such a way i have easy access to the cam and clutch covers. Then i made a custom SS exhaust, Straight piped with a small resinator but still super loud. Final size 1.75 diameter. Once these key components were fitted, I new i was in good shape and this was going to work. BIG CONFIDENCE! Next i ran the wiring and got it started. Took it for a test drive shit box style and no front end in full success. Next i remade the shifters for the 4th time using my old mini engine pistons for bases and RC car heads for the shifter knobs after i made a custom tunnel for the prop and exhaust. This and my gas cap are my favorite mods to the car. So yea gas cap, im using the motorcycles drive sprocket as the cap and man does it look cool!! The list goes on and on. Anyways this took me 2 and a half years to build and its 95 percent complete as the project cars are never finished. This is 90 percent solo build as i had a few friends do a couple of odds and ends mainly prep work for paint. My brother Jay dismantled the motorcycle as well. My whole build is on youtube with 33 vids, somewhat confusing to watch but its all there. Channel **MiniAF** I couldnt be any more stoked with how the car turned out!! She is a RIPPER!
If theres one thing i could add to the car, it would be to have a reverse gear. The fred flintstone is starting to get old hahah. Huge shout out to PROJECT BINKY. They truly are the best builders and my favorite to watch + they keep it 100 percent real. Ive learned so much from watching there series over the past few years as i watched each of there videos probably more than 20 times! Thank you ??
@klegraefe IG


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