1992 Eagle Talon





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25.5 Certified Chromoly Roll cage, LS4 engine from a Chevy Impala SS mated to a 4T80e from a Cadillac Concourse. Borg Warner S475. Holley Terminator X Max. Rear axle was home made using spindles from a Mitsubishi Galant. Front struts from a 3rd generation Camaro were mated to Cadillac spindles and Camber plates from a BMW E36. Setup to minimize torque steer. Front subframe and lower control arms were from the Cadillac as well. Custom spherical radius rod mounts, and solid bushings were installed to minimize flex. 5 inch bumper exit exhaust. Ebay hand brake.

Build story

Currently holds the Record for the Quickest FWD LS in the world. My dad and I built it on an extreme budget. Every modification you see was done by my Dad and me. Made 650whp on the dyno (not turned up). Weighs 2600 lb with driver (with all glass windows intact, and no fiberglass). 75% nose heavy. It has gone as quick as 9.8X at 149. We are still in the process of sorting it out. Actually about to swap to a smaller turbo in order to leave harder. Hoping to be in the 8s soon. Taking it slow. Baby steps.


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