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Quattro Debocho

Quad Turbo AWD LS swapped Audi Quattro

This monstrosity known as "Quattro Debocho" began as a junkyard science experiment entirely funded by YouTube ad revenue and our website members (hence the names on the bumpers)...

As part of a "Project Car Challenge" instigated by YouTuber Rob Ferretti, in 2017 we built this junkyard LS swapped, quad turbo, rear intercooled Audi Quattro race car in 3 months to compete against supercars on multiple race courses over 3 days in Florida. The event included drag racing at WannaGOFAST, time attack at Daytona Speedway, and hot lapping Sebring.

Our goal was always to make low end boost and keep the engine cool with diesel components (2x compound diesel turbos from a Powerstroke + Duramax intercooler); hot lapping without overheating while using the legendary Quattro AWD system to be most competitive in the corners. LS swapped because the 3.6L 32v engine it came with was lame, and building an inline 5-cyl Audi engine gets expensive real quick; at least it's still a V8 now, and we can swap this engine in 2 hours if it breaks.

Our claim to fame is beating a McLaren 720s lap time on Daytona in the rain.

Since then, the car has received sponsorships from multiple companies who have helped us overhaul the entire car and get it ready for multiple events this year, as well as any future YouTuber Project Car Challenge.

“If you’re not filthy, you’re not Rich.”

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