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ICS 2021

1994 Subaru Impreza Type Ra

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Every bushing replaced with poly. New suspension, larger subaru oem brakes. Forged closed deck engine, 4.44 drivetrain. Essentially stock other but these type ra’s are no slouch. 2200lbs and near 300hp

About the build:

This was my friends car, he lost his live to depression almost 5 years ago. I have been working on his old car since then. I stripped the car to bare shell, sandblasted entire car in my garage. Epoxy sealed the whole car, painted everything. Then onto the removable parts: everything sandblasted and powder coated, engine and heads rebuilt completely along with transmission. Every nut and bolt sand blasted, black oxide’d and sealed. Ive done all this myself other then engine machine work. About 400 hours so far and its really moving along now that im in assembly stage. Im further along then my videos but i have build milestones to reach for each video before id call it done. Hoping my friend see’s this from heaven, building his car the way he always wanted.

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