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2020 Dynafari Truck

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Modified Y60 Nissan Patrol/Safari chassis and TD42 running gear. Toyota Dyna Double Cab body. Engine moved back 580mm, fabricated crossmembers. Y61 axles, 2 inch lift, 33 Muds. Relocated steering box. Custom subframe to mount the cab. Fabricated deck. Braced rear shock towers. In-coil airbags for load leveling. Custom airbox, inlet pipes. TD05 16G with custom manifold, dump pipe and exhaust. Many many brackets and linkages for the low range/4x4 lever and manual gearbox linkage. Suzuki Vitara seats modified to fit. Stainless piping for the radiator mounted under the deck. Manual hydraulic crane. So much other stuff I cannot remember...

About the build:

I wanted something that would do pretty much anything I wanted it to for both work and fun, but nothing out there fit the bill or was even vaguely in my price range, so I figured I would build something just as I wanted.

It is called the Dynafari as a mashup of a Dyna and a Safari, this seemed like the best name for it.

I dont much like ECUs or other such modern contrivances so it had to be a simple as possible, easy to fix and super robust. It needed seating for four, but with a big deck for loads. I wanted a beam axle 4x4 and the Patrol seemed like a decent base as it had a good long wheelbase.

I am in New Zealand and we have some pretty stringent rules around custom built vehicles, so it had to go through a certification process. This was reasonably painless, probably because I built it all pretty chunky.

I did almost all of it myself in my shed, but I did have to outsource a few things I could not do, like the chassis and deck coating getting the head refreshed etc.

I also had an incredible amount of support from a NZ based car forum, oldschool.co.nz Many people on there helped me out with advice and sourcing some things I needed, this was great and made some potentially difficult or expensive things a lot easier.

It has been legal for 2 or 3 months now, I have been dailying it with only a couple of minor niggles. There is still a wee bit to do before I would consider it finished, but it has proven incredibly practical and really nice to drive...

There is a full build thread with a couple of videos here; https://www.patrol4x4.com/threads/the-dynafari.410714/

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