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1969 Volkswagen Squareback

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Everything is modified. From the body to the frame to everything in between. It is chopped, body dropped, tube frame, flat floors, engine swapped, so on and so forth. It has a disc brake conversion in back with wilwood 2 pots up front, large 17 gallon gas tank, water cooled Honda engine, titanium intake, stainless manifold and 3” exhaust, stand alone ECU with harness built from scratch, and a removable rear end for engine access. Inside there are seats from a 1st gen Dodge Cummins, a re-engineered mounting system for the torsion housing and central tunnel structure. There isn’t one dark corner of this car that has not been touched.

About the build:

After finding this car on marketplace without floors, a partly build and only tacked together tube frame, and no engine, transaxle, suspension, brakes, or electrical components, including wiring, and a body that was only attached to the “frame” by the use of gravity, I thought it would be a good car. As a fabricator by trade (though I’ve only been welding for 2 years as of January, and working for only 1) I wanted to push myself and my skills, not to mention my wallet, to the limit. I wanted to learn and grow as a fabricator and see what I can do on my own armed with an angle grinder, a drill, a hammer, and a dc tig welder. I currently work building performance exhausts and manifolds for various import cars, but it didn’t satisfy the itch to be completely ridiculous. Making almost an entire car seemed like a good cure to my problem. Here I am a year later with a plethora of knowledge that I did not have before, and a vastly larger arsenal of tools. I hope to one day take it out for a drive with Mr. Regular. I owe a great debt to bad obsession Motorsport (whose coveralls I wear at work as inspiration) and the skid factory for the inspiration to get into the industry of fabrication and motorsport, as well as some idea of what the hell I’m doing along the way.

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