ICS 2021 - 1960 jeep fc-150 rustomod Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1960 jeep fc-150 rustomod

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nose to butt fabricated traction bar. Lawnmower speed control used as heater control.
Used Radiator hose leaf spring bushings.
55gallon drum fenders.

6 inch lift swapped in chevy leafsprings. 35inch tires. xj winch front bumper. power steering custom conversion. 3 core radiator (hammer fit). dauntless v6 conversion. turbo 350 with lockup. second battery with isolator.

inside heated seats. blue-tooth connectivity. backup camera. leather seat.

About the build:

I have been on a tear restoring on average, one car a year up till 2017, when I brought home what I though was going to be another fun flip. I love doing the gritty fab work and this jeep did not disappoint. I bought a sewing machine and made the carpet and seat covers. i figure anything worth doing is worth trying. I started with the tear down, ouch! I found so much rust even the leaf springs were falling apart. cut sand weld was the recipe for this build, it took the first year to get the thing to stop whistling from all the rust holes. after all that it was on to upgrading and customizing as per the video I have strange taste thus the Buick v6 and huge lift. after all said and done I will never sell this truck my dad helped me with a bunch of the build and those are memories I will always have, not to mention its to much of a head turner.

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