ICS 2021 - 1953 GMC 2 Ton Truck (Project 53) Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1953 GMC 2 Ton Truck (Project 53)

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5.9 ISBE cummins 24V, HE351 Turbo, larger injectors Air brakes Air clutch Spcier t5x Full Air suspension with 14 inches of travel at the front and 8 inches at the rear for angleing the bed Airlift 3P controller Custom axles with difflock Alcoa wheels with 295/70R22.5 tyres Stainless stacks Stainless Tanks Aluminium/wood flatbed Fabricated rear bumper Rewired in 24V with all modern comforts Cruise control, heater etc Custom interior Ididit column with RHD conversion Power steering VDO singlevui gauges Double DIN headunit and speakers. Front winch Lights converted to LED

About the build:

Bit of background, I had previously built a Landrover Defender 130 with a 12V 6bt Cummins engine and found it to be good fun but lacking in praticality with moving large heavy things, Payload was less than 700KG. So after it left me and went to England I wanted something with more payload and the ability to use all the torque of a cummins without imploding pinion bearings diffs and halfshafts. So I knew I wanted a HD truck. I have always been a little bit of a closet redneck and American trucks have always been an intrest of mine so with the money from the Defender I started looking. I wanted a bed big enough to be able to transport projects, chassis and engines etc without needing a trailer all the time. But not too big as to make it undrivable on Irish roads, without needing a trailer all the time.

A 1953 GMC series one truck. 7.2T GVW 12.7T train weight, six cylinder petrol 4 speed with 2 speed rear end came up for sale in Scotland from Jim at Rocknroll motors who helped me get it bought, back to Ireland, and sourced some parts. With the truck home I started planning and drew the chassis in CAD and had the cab lazer scanned, this let me start planning the build. I decided I wanted to move on from mechanical injection and after the 6bt the next natural stage was an ISBE Cummins.

I found and engine locally and got it pulled from the truck and started learning about the wiring and Cummins software I managed to get it working and also retain the cruise control. I had to modify the engine to take a reverse sump and SAE3 FWH. to suit a smaller transmission. I did alot of the design work in CAD then moving to the real world I then redesigned it again.

To cut a long story very short, 2 years of work in my shed with myself and some friends as well as some good local companies over this side of the pond, I got it on the road offically late last year. The entire build was done inhouse and we made what we couldnt buy. I work as an engineer during the day and work on my passion for all things with an engine in the evenings and weekends. Still loads of odds and ends to do, but Im hoping after covid to be attending shows here in Ireland and the UK and keep on adding to her. Tool boxes and a winch mount are next on the list as well as cup holders and a stiffer panhard rod in the front.

Ive a playlist on youtube which has videos containing photos and short clips of the build somewhat cronologically.


Ive also a facebook page which is a bit of a blog of what I get upto.


Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

Cheers, Geddis Redman

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