ICS 2021 - 1986 Dodge D100 Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1986 Dodge D100

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Weight reduced in the wheel wells External fuel tank Side mount, bungee corded and soldered battery Cut off exhaust with turn downs (because the tailpipe rusted off) Removable fuse panel Marble shift knob Living room rug floor mat Bungee cord steering column Seasoned steering wheel cover

About the build:

Who doesn’t like a shortbed, fleetside 80’s pickup? I picked this up for next to nothing as a revival and to eventually build on Pugliese’s Speed Shop to show that you don’t need a ton of cash and a rare, high dollar car to make a cool hot rod. I plan on keeping the build low buck as I move forward. Replacing the rusted sheet metal, all new brakes system, some bodywork, primer, window tint, new carpet, seat cover, wheels and tires and a DIY roll in bed liner. Doing everything myself, I’m looking at an investment of about $2000. Maybe down the road, add a 318, some headers and a few other “go fast” goodies and I’m in a few hundred more. That’s the beauty of a truck like this, it’s cheap, easy and the possibilities are endless…

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