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304ci engine crane

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custom built chassis using only the finest $30 engine crane and steel off cuts from the local steel supply place with custom mounted engine crane jib borg warner 78 from a vn commodore 3:08 ratio shortened by 22 inches over all cut and shut front vs commodore stub axles for all the lock custom fitted hq steering box including cut and shut drag link and tie rod ends hight and tilt adjustable steering column 15x6 wheels cut and flipped centers for the rear running 195/50/15s all round custom fuel tank fashioned from and old air compressor tank custom fabricated fire wall floor and rear wheel arch frame

About the build:

i do a lot of engine swaps mostly Buick v6 burn out cars and a lot of them i do on site as the motors are missing rods and parts of blocks and no longer turn over never mind run A lot of those are at places dont have concrete driveways or sheds to work on these cars and if you have ever tried to move and engine crane on dirt or gravel you know how hard it can be never mind with an engine and gear box swinging from it so after a lot of internet searches for motorized engine cranes and coming up with nothing i decided to build my own with some basic requirements it had to be short enough and narrow enough to fit into a 7x4 foot trailer and be able to drive up ramps onto the trailer so i can take it anywhere needed to have sufficient counter weight to do v8 swaps as well so i decided to use a spare Holden 5lt efi motor and turbo 700 as it wasnt doing much at the time it needs to have a tight turning circles so i can move motors and transmissions or and other heavy stuff around i still need to make radiator mounts and work on shifter linkages brake lines as it has 4 wheel disk brakes, make seats as well as sheet metal the fire wall and floor and work on the fuel system and wiring loom as well a whole bunch of other stuff at this point i haven't driven it and its still a work in progress but im looking forward to when it is finished and seeing what its like to drive 221hp v8 with no suspension and sketchy as steering i expect it too be an absolute burn out machine

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