ICS 2021 - "Medusa"... twin engined ,straight 12 car,home built. Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

"Medusa"... twin engined ,straight 12 car,home built.

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london taxi chassis .two jaguar xj40 engines all ally 24 valve .7.6 litres, 400+ bhp 500+lbs/ft ...mt75 gearbox,7.50 x 16 tyres .home built body . me.titanium exhausts from hacked up bike headers.total cost approx 1500 gbp ,all parts designed ,made or sourced from scrap yards/ebay ,and built, by me.

About the build:

I wanted a fairground ride of a car , that looked a bit like a aero engined car of the 30's with no money to spend . i did not want it to be especially fast , or corner amazingly , i just wanted it to make people smile . i have experience designing cams, inlets ,turbo engines etc ,but never built a car before . i used a 1963 lathe ,with a lot of slop , a angle grinder ,and a cheap home mig .three small bits of tig work were done by my friend. i made all the bits apart from the mudguards , which came from a local trailer factory .the bellmouths i made from a flag pole .the tail section i made from many bits of a canoe .it runs on lpg ,and now uses a megasquirt ecu i mapped to run both engines.

i could not have done this without the immense support of veronica , my canadian girlfreind , close friends, and the chaps on the rodsnsods forum ...here is the build thread .. it goes on a bit ..


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