ICS 2021 - 1967 Ford Fairlane Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1967 Ford Fairlane

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Chopped branches off Christmas tree to make custom hood holder Junkyard coil Rebuilt 1 barrel carb Radiator hoses, heater core hoses Battery out of my boat Plugs, cap, rotor, points ew brake cylinders, shoes, and hardware Couple of new brake lines Air filter Rebuilt hood hinges Hit horn with a hammer now both work Custom junkyard exhaust Patched rust with old license plates Mustang tires, rims and poverty caps from Craigslist Used anti freeze from neighbor Ground strap from old BMW Fixed blinkers and horn button

About the build:

I bought this non-running car for $400 bucks by selling a free boat and trailer I got off Facebook. My boys 8 and 10were playing too many video games, and I thought a car could get them away from the screen. We live on a small VA disability so we have to work with zero funds, and scrounge. The Fairlane looks great from a block away, but close up she is tattered. What you dont see is all the fun weve had. I rebuilt a 1973 Buick with a 455, in High School, but that was 40 years ago. But after watching every Junkyard Digs and VGG video I could find. I taught myself to diagnose and fix what was wrong. Winning this show probably aint going to happen, but Ive already won because the memories created with my boys are priceless. My 10 year old has claimed the car and will learn to drive a 3 on the tree this summer.

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