ICS 2021 - 1952 GMC 1/2 ton Pickup Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1952 GMC 1/2 ton Pickup

ics2021_top_25_factree award

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Everything is Factree 80s junk or older! 350 Chev, turbo 400 transmission, 10 bolt rear dIff, Edelbrock tunnel ram intake, painless wiring harness, 37’ Ford aluminum rad. And a bunch of other mismatch dodads. You’ll see in the video.

About the build:

The reason I was able to start this project was because my grandpa gave me this truck for my graduation present. It was stock when he gave it to me and since that day 10 years ago I have been chipping away at making it the truck I want it to be. I made this truck what it is right now from hard work and dedication as well as a strong love for vehicles. I am going to continue working on it for the rest of my life, I will always have this truck. Thanks again grandpa for sparking my passion for mechanics and vehicles, I love you dearly.

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