ICS 2021 - 1948 gmc 3ton 5.9l Cummins Deboss Garage
ICS 2021

1948 gmc 3ton 5.9l Cummins

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Air ride on all 4 corners 1993 Cummins 12 valve ve pump

About the build:

My dad and I wanted a truck that we could use for towing and taking to town without having to worry about it getting scratched or dirty. This was a father son project. We started with a 1993 Cummins 3/4 ton with a 12 valve and blown transmission that we picked up cheap. We rebuilt the 5 speed getrag transmission turns out it was just the countershaft bearing that had gone out. We started building the project from the 2 frame rails from the Cummins and the transmission mount, which we had to move back so we had room for everything. We built the truck up from their. We wanted air ride so we put and independent front suspension from a 95 2 wheel drive under the front and built a notch frame with drag link suspension for the back. To supply air for the air ride we used the a/c compressor from the motor with and oiler and a dryer and capped the tube from the notch frame we built for the Back to use as an air tank. The suspension is run with levelling valves from a semi truck. The diff, tranny, transfer case, motor is from the Cummins all original we just had to shorten the drive shaft. We left the transfer case on because we didn’t want to buy a 2wheel drive one and why not have a low range. For the body we picked up a clean 1948 3ton gmc and did all the necessary modifications to make everything fit. Including a tranny tunnel all the mounts. We had to move the grill forward to fit the rad and air to air. We wired the whole truck and plumed everything and made a very reliable and unique truck that is great to drive and use all the time.

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