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IQCS 2020

1985 Chevy Crew Cab Dually, 24v 5.9 Cummins, 2wd to 4wd conversion.

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2wd to 4wd conversion, 24v Cummins, P-pumped with P7100 injection pump, 2005 Chevy front seat, 2007 fold up rear seat, Jake brake, 22SI Delco 1wire alternator, Re gear to 3:73, NV4500 5 spd conversion, NP205 twin stick coupled to NV4500, Dump bed, M105 Deuce trailer modified to become dump bed, 4 wheel disc brakes, 1410/1480 U joints on custom drive shaft (started breaking U joints after the Cummins Swap). 40gal inframe fuel tank, Factory sending units coupled to engine so factory dash/gauges work like stock. 3.5" lift kit via Atlas Springs, Fabricated all cross members/brackets, and transplanted all frame brackets/hangers from 4wd chassis. Cummins Highmount Alternator setup, with custom fabricated belt tensioner relocation. ATS exhaust manifold, ARP head/rocker studs, Banks intake, Hamilton cam, 2nd gen piston lift pump, Summit Racing AN braided stainless AN fuel hose for supply and return.. Fleetguard FS 1212 filter/water separator. Fabricated 6" channel Iron front winch bumper, which has defended against 11 Kamikaze deer- 2 at 65mph, not a scratch to the truck. 5 ton dump cylinder and grain trailer scissor lift fabricated with reinforcement for truck frame. This is the 2nd cab that I have swapped on. Currently looking for another donor for transplant. Group 31 equipment batteries- required modification to battery trays. Originally used an Advance Adapter NV4500 transfer case shift bracket, It failed, so I modified it with extra arms and attachment points while reinforcing it.
Military tail lights converted from 24v to 12v DC, Tractor work light for a back up light. Piece mill exhaust using sections obtained from Truck shop.

About the build:

I acquired the truck when it was still 2wd while working for a Classic Car salvage yard in North Carolina, USA. It was DOT yellow and had the GM6.2 diesel with TH400 Auto trans. I sourced enough parts to convert the front end to a Dana 44 and have functional 4wd. Later I would find a Dana 60 Dually for the long term. When I initially got it put together it was 6 different colors, so it got hosed down with a case of Uncle Sam Green that was cheap and laying close by. Hence the bestowing of "Jolly Green Giant" by a friend of mine. Later I turbo'd the 6.2 and ran a Ranger Torque Splitter in front of the SM465 4spd for a while. This was a fun ride, as it gave me 8 forward gears with overdrive and the ability to split each gear, kinda like a big rig. However after almost melting it down while pulling a buddy's truck up the west side of Vale Pass on I-70 I had ran out of gears and tricks. I knew I needed something more. A friend offered me a project that he was getting out of, which consisted of a 2001 Cummins 24v with 5spd NV4500 and NP205 transfer case. I was living in Colorado/Wyoming at the time and had the driveline shipped out. I spent 6 months pouring over wiring diagrams to plan out the swap and figure out how to make the VP44 live a happy life. In a borrowed shop with a local guy helping we tore my trusty truck down and started the Cummins Conversion. During the planning, I had already lifted the suspension and performed some preliminary things. With the swap underway, it took from Aug-mid Oct working feverishly on off time and my day off to figure out the fitment, fabrication, and wiring. The swap was complete but my modification bug was not done. Later swapped in 75hp injectors, Banks intake, Quadzilla XZT, ATS exhaust manifold, and a Jacobs Exhaust brake, I modified the Jake by removing its mounting point and rotating the can 90* for firewall clearance, welding the blow hole shut and tightening the actuator rod. It brakes alot better than stock. Obtained the parts for the highmount AC/alternator kit and modified the upper bracket so I could relocate the belt tensioner up top and run the 4BT version which gets it up ontop of the engine instead of down by the frame rail. Converted to 4wheel disc brakes and ran a line lock for a temporary parking brake. Ran 8AN braided stainless line for fuel lines with a 6 and 4 AN for return. Used a Hamilton Cam so I could re-gain the lift pump lobe and run the mechanical piston lift pump, which has functioned far better than the electric Raptor 150 that was on the VP44 setup. Tore the engine down at what the computer showed to be about 550K miles as I had a blown head gasket and possible crack in the rear of the head. At this time the engine was rebuilt punching the cyl over 20, and studding the head/rockers with ARP studs. PDR HX35/40 Turbo was installed.
The interior gained an upgrade with the installation of the 2005 Chevy front seat which required sawing out the floor to level the front floorboard. Later the rear fold up seat from a 2007 Chevy extended cab was modified and made to fit. This would become a favorite mod for the 100lbs furball who thinks this is his truck. The NP205 was a Dodge 6bolt round input and was fitted with mostly GM guts. The NV4500 has shelled on me twice, most recently in Columbia MO on a cross country run. Spent a few days in a hotel waiting on a new trans through Inland Truck Parts. I am still looking for an Eaton Fuller 8406 6spd and a divorced dodge NP205 so to be rid of the problematic NV4500. The tubbed fleetside bed later rotted away, Thus I found an M105 Duece trailer and shortened it up about 6" front and rear. Mounted a scissor lift and a 5 ton lift cyl to make a dump bed. I have hauled 3 tons of gravel from a pit about 40 miles away, over hill and dale that Cummins never grunted. I just start worrying about my suspension with weight like that.
Front bumper is 6" channel iron re-inforced with tube/diamond deck. At last count I have hit 11 deer without a single scratch to the patina'd OD green. 2 casulties I can say were at 65mph where I never had a chance to hit the brakes. Rear axle is a GM 14bolt Cab and Chassis. These are rare axles that are factory dually but the wheel to wheel is narrower than a factory dually. The differance is in the special hubs where the wheel mating surface is. These were found only under the trucks that came from the factory with no bed. as in special order cab and chassis. Rear 40gal fuel tank is from a 89 Suburban, I had to fab all brackets to mount it in and run AN line up to a FS 1212 filter/water seperator housing. Dump pump/reservoir is mounted on frame under back of the cab. This addition has made the wife very happy..... mulch, gravel, garden topsoil, firewood......... This truck is a real Johnny Cash Cadillac, There is NO bolt that I have not touched on the entire rig. The cab has been swapped once before and needs to be again. I have a couple spare doors, and a front clip, but cant bring myself to install them on such a rusty cab. (accepting donations to the buy Joe a cab fund LOL) Watch the video as I go into alot more detail over the past 10years and over 100K miles since the Cummins conversion on this trusty rusty workhorse. Bottom line, I couldn't afford to go buy what I needed, So I built it, albeit one piece at a time...

85K miles when I got the truck, in 2005 125K miles at Cummins swap, in 2008 262K miles at current date of 4-20-20

Lower 3 pics are while it was being used as a gate in the Salvage yard, also as a junkyard beater truck, and during the 4wd conversion under an oak tree in my buddy's yard. Brings back memories.......