International Quarantine Car Show
IQCS 2020

1985 Toyota ra65 celica

iqcs_finalboss award
iqcs_tuner_taste award



  • Ford ba xr6 silver
  • Fiberglass hatch
  • US marker lights


  • Front 14x8-7 SSR mesh
  • Rear 14x8-17 SSR mesh


  • Front
  • T3 adjustable control arms (rose joints)
  • T3 adjustable caster arms (rose joints)
  • T3 tie rod ends (rose joints)
  • T3 40mm bump steer spacers
  • T3 steering arms/knuckles
  • Otomoto coilover sleeve kit
  • Swift Japan 8kg springs 2.5” drop
  • Mr2 kyb agx 4way adjustable shocks
  • T3 camber/caster adjustable strut tops and hats
  • Cusco caster brace adjustable
  • factory p/s rack
  • astra electronic power steer pump with custom speed flow hoses and Honda Accord p/s cooler
  • Rear-
  • ma61 supra IRS cradle and arms
  • custom camber correction kit welded on to cradle
  • Polly Bush’s in IRS arms
  • Solid subframe Bush’s
  • AJPS 6.5 kg springs 2.5” drop
  • ae86 spax 26way adjustable shocks
  • factory sway bar with super pro Bush’s


  • front-
  • RDA slotted and drilled rotors
  • EBC red brake pads
  • Custom made brake lines
  • Wilwood adjustable brake bias
  • rebuilt calipers
  • Rear-
  • raceworks hydrolic Hans brake with wilwood slave
  • RDA slotted and drilled rotors
  • EBC black stuff brake pads
  • custom brake lines
  • rebuilt calipers


  • Toyota altezza 3sge beams
  • SQ billet ITB adaptor
  • Toyota 4age blacktop ITBS
  • EFI hardware 110mm stacks
  • SQ billet heater outlet
  • SQ engine plate to cover hole after grinding sump webbing to clear p/s rack
  • Stainless headers
  • Custom 2.5” stainless exhaust done by old skoolfab
  • Painted engine covers and block semi gloss black, silver line on engine cover done in body works silver.
  • Power steer pump delete
  • SQ throttle linkage kit works with factory throttle cable
  • Toyota sa63 celica crossmember and mounts


  • 044 fuel pump
  • Cleaned and modded fuel tank to suit new pump


  • Toyota sa63 radiator
  • Toyota sa63 bottom hose
  • Toyota mx73 top hose
  • Custom heater pipe
  • Proflow heater hoses

GEARBOX/Drive line-

  • Toyota altezza j160 6 speed gearbox
  • NPC flywheel
  • NPC puck clutch
  • new factory spigot and thrust bearing
  • factory clutch slave and master (new)
  • custom tail shaft
  • Toyota mx73 diff (locked)


  • factory trims dash ect
  • T3 seat rails
  • bride fixed back seats
  • Nardi steering wheel

Things to do still

  • panicwire stand alone loom
  • link ECU
  • VDO temp/oil gauge and senders
  • oil cooler
  • fuel lines+filter and turbo smart fuel pressure reg
  • thermo fans/shroud

About the build:

I am qualified mechanic so it’s a given to tinker on cars. I have owned the car for 8 years. I used to drive the car as a daily when I was a apprentice. I have always wanted to do a ground up build. I mainly built the car to do tarmac rally’s and hill climb events in, So I ripped the old motor out and imported a engine package from Japan and slowly chipped Away at it for the last 4 years by my self in my little car port at home. I have had a little help from friends along the way with paint and a couple of fab work things, but most of the work has been done by me at home in my little carport.