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FLOOR INSTALL: '85 Dodge Cummins 12v 4WD (Part 6)

Part 6: Filthy Rich continues the 12v 4WD standard conversion in a 1985 Franklin-Dodge Ram W350 Crew Cab Dually. This cab needs a new floor!

0:06 Floor Install Overview
2:36 Scribe Marks
3:36 Screw The New Floor In Place
5:46 Mastercraft Maximum Zip Cut Blade
6:29 Welding Prep
7:07 Quick Spot Weld Look
7:22 Welding Overview
8:36 Dent Fix Butt Weld Clips
9:28 First Pass: Tack Weld
9:47 Preventing Warpage
10:28 Weld Inspection
11:58 Grinding Stone, 40 & 50 Grit
12:24 Seam Sealer
12:56 Prime & Paint