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BUCKET SEAT CUSHION SWAP: 5.9 Cummins in an '05 Silverado 2.0 (Part 4)

Part 4: We're making this Silverado better than when I bought it! With all the parts trucks around, we should be able to make some awesome seats for the Chevy Silverado! Also got the drive shaft and speedometer tach sensor going together. More to come!

00:23 GM Vortec Crank Sensor
01:13 Speedo Modification
02:06 Adapting The Tach Sensor
03:40 Picking Up The Drive Shaft
04:01 Painting The Drive Shaft
04:22 Seat Upgrade
04:41 '06 Seat Disassembly
08:30 Removing The Foam
09:01 '01 Seat Cover Removal
10:02 Putting The '06 Cover On The '01 Seat
11:09 Bending The Stick Shifter
11:41 What's Next