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'48 Chevy Fleetmaster (Part 4)

Part 4: Filthy Rich gets the reupholstered interior back for the 1948 Fleetmaster build. Then everything gets sandblasted before we start fabricating metal!

00:23 Finished Seats
01:52 Sandblasting
02:19 Old Cars Are Unique!
03:51 Welding Inner Fenders
05:07 Rusted Wheel Tub
05:27 Scribing New Tub
06:14 Shrinking/Bending A Lip
06:36 Dry Fit Wheel Tub
07:26 Stretching/Cutting The Lip
08:31 Looking Good!
09:02 Prep For Brake
09:31 Trim The Fat
09:53 Installing The Tub
10:33 What's Next