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PRIME & PAINT: '48 Chevy Fleetmaster (Part 7)

Part 7: Filthy Rich races against the clock to get this Chevy primed and sanded in time to get painted!

00:06 Putting Bondo On
01:12 Block Sanding Bondo
02:08 Cleaning Up Bondo Dust
02:31 Extra Trim For The Fenders
04:10 Drilling Trim Holes
04:47 Ready For 2K High-Build Primer
05:38 Ready For More Sanding
06:11 Needs A 2nd Coat
06:37 Door Jams Ready For Paint
07:09 Ready For Sanding
07:45 400 Grit Done
08:13 All-Nighter Successful!
08:37 Paint Day
08:55 At The Paint Shop
09:14 Clear Coat Finish
09:50 What's Next