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FORCED PATINA: '52 Studebaker 2R6 Magnum 360 (Part 4)

Part 4: R/T Baker gets a new rad & Filthy Rich gets to 'deboss' the name on a custom steering column cover with a forced patina finish to match!

00:06 Work Under The Hood
01:18 Radiator Swap
02:16 Hose Fitting Adapters
03:12 Soldering The Fittings
04:18 Bottom Fitting
04:48 Custom Steering Column Cover
05:03 R/T Baker Stencil
06:59 Deboss Design
07:22 Smoother Lettering
08:07 Wire Wheel & Sand
08:38 Accelerating Rust On Metal
09:48 Forced Patina Finish