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400 V8: '67 Pontiac GTO Build Up (Part 6)

Part 6: Filthy Rich finds out more info about the 400 V8 engine that came with our GTO before putting it together for the dyno!

00:06 Our Pontiac 400
02:24 What Do We Actually Have?
05:47 What Are We Missing?
07:21 Add Oil With Zinc Additive
07:44 Installing Push Rods
07:54 Installing Rockers
08:28 HEI Distributor
10:43 Finding TDC (Top Dead Centre)
12:52 Avoid Hydraulic Lock
13:14 Installing The Distributor
15:03 Setting Spark Plug Gap
16:00 Installing Wires
17:11 Spark Plug Wire Crimping
20:41 Looks Like An Engine

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