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SWAP & FIRST START: 5.9 Cummins in an '05 Silverado 2.0 (Part 2)

Part 2: The oil analysis came back to say we are better off going with the Cummins out of the donor 2-gen Dodge, so that means yanking out the red engine. We'll be rebuilding that red 5.9 to go into the Cummins Commander once we get enough Patreon support, so follow that build too!

00:14 Machining The Flywheel
00:54 Oil Analysis Sample
01:20 Accesing The Timing Cover
02:52 KDP & P-pump Cam Gear
04:26 Crankshaft Seal Replacement
05:00 Make Your Own Engine Mounts
06:40 New Process NP Transfer Case Rebuild
07:18 Using A GM Wiring Harness With A Cummins
08:44 Preheater Solenoid
09:21 GM Door Pin Fix
10:20 Electric Fan Conversion
11:27 Release Bearing Replacement
12:24 Clutch Install
12:45 Attaching The Flywheel
13:36 Dropping In The Engine
13:57 Oil Pan & Trans Mount Install
15:27 First Start
17:36 Thank You For Your Support!
21:36 2nd Start