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QUAD EXHAUST TIPS vs TOW HOOKS: LS Swap in a Mercedes AMG Wagon (Part 6)

Rich and Aaron get this LS powered Mercedes ready to get bulletproofed for the dyno while the exhaust shop puts in quad tips!
See the final result:
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00:41 Answers To Questions
02:14 Exhaust Elbow
03:48 Off To The Exhaust Shop
04:41 Werners Rad Clinic
05:20 Testing The Wiring Harness
06:07 Starting An Engine On A Stand
07:27 Ready To Test
08:41 Meanwhile
09:01 Join Us On Facebook & Patreon
09:55 Quad Exhaust Tips
10:26 Presents!
11:39 More Presents!
13:10 Optimal Oil Filter Location
14:39 Removing The Engine
16:17 Car Forums
16:51 What's Next?