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FULL REBUILD & DYNO FAIL! LS Swap in a Mercedes AMG Wagon (Part 7)

The LS powered Mercedes hits the dyno and gets some paint!
Thanks to Tewsley Auto Wreckers for the engines!
HP Tuners

00:46 Engine Rebuild
01:26 Replacing Timing Gear Set & Camshaft
04:53 Removing The Heads
05:40 Replacing Valve Springs
07:34 Removing Old Gasket Sealant
08:04 Head Bolts vs Head Studs
09:52 Installing The Heads
12:15 Cleaning Up Valve Covers
12:41 Installing The Rockers
13:01 Prep For Paint
15:35 Timing Gear Set Install (cont'd)
18:47 Harmonic Balancer Install
21:03 Torque The Timing Cover & Rockers
21:53 Water Pump Install
22:04 Lubricate Injectors
22:29 Torque Exhaust Manifolds
22:38 Wrapping Exhaust
24:38 Dyno Day 1
28:06 Dyno Day 2