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TAPE BOSS: Marketing To Distribution (Part 3)

** We in no way intend to imply that Bryan Baeumler or Paul Lafrance endorse or use Tape Boss, just that they have received some from us. **

Part 3: Rich Bosch gets a 3D printed working prototype of Tape Boss. With a meeting lined up with Home Hardware, Rich negotiates a deal with plans to get on CBC's Dragon's Den. Then we head out to meet HGTV reno celebrities Bryan Baeumler and Paul Lafrance! This venture began two years ago, but we'll be telling the whole story and explaining the entire process right here.

00:06 1st 3D Printed Prototype
01:57 Tape Boss Assembly
02:36 Tape Boss Promo for Home Hardware
03:03 Meeting Bryan Baeumler at Book Signing
04:43 Meeting Paul Lafrance