1993 BMW E36 "318iS" coupe




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328i 2.8 i6 engine swap, Porsche 996 Brembo front calipers, M3 brake master cylinder, custom BMW E34 M5 LSD, lightweight flywheel+sinterclutch, headers, manifold swap, Euro M3 3.2 6-speed gearbox, Boa-Boa Alcantara interior swap with custom self-reupholstered heated seats, rare OEM bodykit, custom VDO gauge setup. \r
Retrofitted a TON of OEM options: \r
- Working BMW handsfree carphone\r
- Headlight washers\r
- 2-year-only "Intensive Wash" package\r
- Heated windscreen washer jets\r
- OEM Rear power vent windows(in a coupe)(see video), \r
- OEM rear electric sunblind (from BMW E46), \r
- BMW E46 Multifunction steeringwheel for cruise control, radio and carphone\r
- rare "Individual" "Vogelaugenahorn" wood package, \r
- OEM Parking sensors. \r
- OEM Footwell lights\r
- OEM under-hood light\r
- OEM "Moodlights" from the BMW E39 5-series\r
Also reuholstered (by myself) alcantara headliner, (soft-)polyurethane suspension bushings, \r
Koni STR.T shocks with H&R Sport springs.\r
M3 staggered "Style 24" wheels, \r
Mildly upgraded soundsystem, Also have a Vortech supercharger ready to go, but not fitted yet.

Build story

Its very hard to be different with a BMW 3-series, but there is no other E36 like this. I fell in love with the E36 3-series as a kid while playing Need for Speed. Bought this car 6 years ago as a bonestock 1-owner 318iS(1.8l 4-cylinder) in the very rare Laguna Green color(similar to another green). Every car-based skill I have, I taught myself on this car. Every OEM-style modification I made has to look and work as if the factory did it, so no wire-joiners have been used anywhere, it's all new wiring using correct wiring colors(for my own sanity too). At some point a friend and I swapped the engine (twice, because the first one was full of sludge and only lasted 6000 miles) because the 4-cylinder was just too slow. \r
Later, I got crazy with retrofitting all the OEM options I could find, the rarer the better. I also built a diff for it myself with zero experience, using E34 M5 internals, it holds up after 15000 miles! The whole front and rear suspension has been re-painted, and all bushings have been replaced with either (soft) polyurethane or M3 parts, because this car needs to stay perfectly comfortable! Taught myself how to weld and after practising, welded up all the rust on the car. My latest upgrade is the Porsche 996 calipers up front with custom j-hook rotors, and E46 328i rear brakes. The car is currently apart to finalize the cruise control install\r
This car is a classic case of spending 10k on a 1k car, making it worth maybe 4k now.


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