1981 Chevrolet K20




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350 4 bolt main bored .020, speed pro hyper eutectic pistons, mild lunati voodoo cam, edelbrock e-street aluminum heads, edelbrock performer EPS aluminum intake, edelbrock AVS2 650cfm carburetor, flowtech long tube headers

Build story

My 1981 K20 is a beat to piss ex-farm truck. I drug it out of a pasture where it had been sitting for at least 10 years. She came right back to life, I burnt the clutch out of it doing a break in burnout. After I replaced the clutch I daily drove it just like that for almost 2 years. It burned oil, the lifters made noise all the time, and it had low oil pressure. I did an oil change one day and found a bunch of glitter, then she slowly started making more wonky noises. So I yanked the 350 out and rebuilt it with some extra goodies. The truck is on its second set of “brand used” doors and fenders. I counted it once, there’s body parts off of 7 different parts trucks on this unit, and the colors even kind of match! The front diff has been shot for a while now, the pinion bearings went out and took the seal with it. But I just keep ignoring it and hoping it will eventually go away. I have future plans to mount a service body on it as it’s my work truck now and the factree box is right rotted out. She’s sporting a gun rack and an anti-liberal sticker in the back window so when I go into town people know I don’t screw around. This trucks a solid unit and I hope it makes a good run in this category


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