1999 Chevy c3500hd 4x4




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GM spec Dana 70 front with 10 lug outers. Converted nv4500 to 4wd, bw4470 transfer case. Custom pintle plate with two recievers. Winch.

Build story

Flew from Maine to Montana to buy a 1999 c3500hd with 37,000 original miles. Drove it the scenic route 3,005 miles back home. 6.5 diesel although it gets 16 mpg weighing 9,000lbs with 5.13s. These trucks came factory only 2wd. Monroe conversions used to convert them to 4wd using a special ordered Dana 70 front drivers drop with 10 lug outers to match the 10 lug rear Dana 80. Some guy in Ohio was parting out a 4wd one of these so on the way back from Montana I picked up the front axle, transfer case and a few other parts. Got to work converting the truck to 4wd which was easy bc it already had front leaf suspension which is why I picked this build! 90s Chevy HD 1 1/4 ton 10 lug with factory leaf spring and factory nv4500! Why not?! Had new driveshafts built out a dump body on it, sweet pintle plate, fisher plow, it’s a tank. Someday maybe a Cummins swap with either a Eaton fso8406a or an Allison. But for now the 6.5 Chevy has actually been SUPER reliable especially since the Bosch duraterm glow plugs went in. Thanks and round of applause to Peg, what a treat it is to watch your channel.


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