1948 Chevy COE




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1948 Chevy COE cab, 2001 dodge frame, 97 12 valve cummins, 5 speed manual, 22.5

Build story

I found 2 chevy COE in a junk yard and was able to pick both them up. Im working on repairing the cab and fenders, ive replaced the roof skin, cab corners and fixed some of the cowling. doors, both cabs were rolled on to the drivers side so fenders, doors are all one off. working on fire wall and floor pans to fit around the 1997 cummins 5.9 with a manual 5 speed. Chassis is a 2 wd 2001 dodge with a dana 80 dually. 10 lug adaptors with 22.5 super singles in the rear and 22.5 steers tires. I plan to build a car hauler with Air ride in the rear to set it down and load with out ramps or at least small ramps.


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