1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo



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In the pics she’s factree stock but I’m in the process of restoring her to a daily driver, she’s getting a 300hp 350 engine, 2004r trans, new wheels and fat rear tires, LED headlights and tail lights, dual exhaust and of course a new radio and speakers

Build story

I’ve wanted a classic daily driver for a while now and before the old 267 blew up I was using her as a daily. I was just going to drop in a new motor and call it a day but I wanted a car I could make my own and that has a classic look with just a touch of modern daily driver quality’s. So I decided that I would restore the entire car and outfit it with all the options I wanted. The biggest one for me (which will probably get done last?) is having a 4 speed overdrive trans because I do a lot of highway driving for work and don’t wanna be at 2,500rpms when I’m only going 55MPH?. The new motor will definitely also be a huge improvement going from the stock 267 that only made a whopping 120hp? to a 350 crate motor that has 300hp so I’ll be able to do some one wheel peels.


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