1994 Chevy 1500 4x4




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Mid-length Headers, 3-inch Body lift, 32x11.5 tires, undercoating frame, custom headliner, pinstripeing on tailgate

Build story

When I was first looking for my first truck back in high school it took me 6 months of deciding if I wanted an old classic Chevy like a 1967-72 or if I should buy a 1988-99 or an old square body. I browsed craigslist for those 6 months printing off every car and truck I liked from all over the US. I finally settled on about 10 trucks from around my area in Wisconsin, of course when I finally called or looked them, they were taken down. I then got all my money together and barrowed some and went and bought it \r
This truck was on my list of dream trucks, I just love the way they look. I had the body redone after I got in an accident by running into a pole haha. It came at a time where I was 3 months away from going into the Marine Corps. I got it all striped and I bought a donor truck for the cab and got a couple perks out of the donor which were bucket seats center console and a sunroof unfortunately they were a different color. When I striped it down, I put everything in baggies and labeled everything. I put it back together whenever I would get to go back home from the military. When I would get leave which was about every 6 months and I would get a 2-week period to be home. Before I left the military, I finished the truck and drove it 2,000 miles out to Cali where I was stationed for New Year's. I have done very little to the truck since then. This truck means the world to me and it has been almost everywhere I have been. There are things I would like redone on it, but I am in college and I try to concentrate on college more. I will eventually get them done but am in no hurry. \r
Thanks for your time, and thank you for putting this on, all the channels rock!!


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