1976 Chevrolet C10 Spirit of 76





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-1980’s Chevrolet rally rims\r
-Bug shield\r
-Lund Visor

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This truck is a 1976 Chevrolet C10 two wheel drive Spirit of 76 edition with the Scottsdale and Bonanza packages with a numbers matching 350 in it. The truck was originally bought by my Dad's uncle. When he bought it, he told his parents that he had always wanted to buy a new truck, and that it was on the showroom floor. His parents were down to earth people, and always bought used, reliable vehicles, and they told him that he could have bought a truck for cheaper and could have saved his money, but he was overjoyed. My Dad remembers playing in his grandparents yard and seeing the truck when his uncle had just bought it and was pulling in the driveway with a huge smile on his face. After my Dad’s uncle passed away, Dad’s grandparents used it, Mom and Dad went on their first date in it, and it was used on and off for a while until it was parked beside the barn. After Dad’s grandfather passed, Dad couldn’t stand to see the truck rot out by the barn and not get used, and his grandmother didn’t have her drivers license, so she wouldn’t use it. So Dad went and told his grandmother that he wanted to buy the truck and restore it, but she didn’t want him to pay for it. After some prices went back and forth, Dad and his grandmother settled on a price of one dollar. One of the pictures is my father sitting on the hood of this truck before the restoration and my late grandfather sitting on the tailgate of his truck in 1984. Mom and Dad had the restoration done in 2001. Every year after that, Dad took his grandmother in that truck to her hometown until her passing. Some of my first memories are going to the local gas station in the truck and singing along to Joe Diffie’s John Deere Green, going to the pond, and other fun things. Two or three years ago, we looked up the VIN number and found out that the truck was one of ten that is the Spirit of 76 with the Scottsdale and Bonanza packages. We knew it was one of few, but not that one in a few. My brother and I are going to finish Drivers Ed and can’t wait to drive it. To us, it doesn’t matter how rare the truck is or anything else, what matters is that it is a part of the family, and you can’t buy that, and no dollar amount will ever add up to memories.


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