1982 Chevrolet C20




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Edlebrock 1406 Carburator \r
Rebuilt TH400 \r
Forest-pattern door panels with 6 inch Pyle speakers and matching sub box.\r
CB radio \r
Harbor Freight cab lights

Build story

I bought the truck in Hisperia California for south of $2300. The truck is rust-free and mostly stock. It ran fantastic until multiple components began breaking down. The original transmission was rebuilt in the early 90s before I owned it, and once again by my friend Troy Pratt (The guy with the green 1973 W200 "Fury"). It was replaced after it broke down from heat damage in Flagstaff, AZ by John Rogers Transmission Shop. We replaced the quadrajet with an Edlebrock carb and got rid of the faulty smog lines that were aged and clogging the system. The majority of the truck remains as it was, minus the addition of cab lights from Harbor Freight.


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