2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe





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Ktuner V2 and Boomba R.E.M.

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I've been saving for 6 years to buy a new car and eventually modify it lightly. So I bought this cute girl 2 weeks before covid hit Pennsylvania and New Jersey (USA, live in PA work in Jersey). So just like 60% of people my job shut us down. Me being a single full time father with a 2 year old I was very scared. So I immediately filed for unemployment about 6 weeks ago. However I have yet to receive payment from the local government. I have literally spent every last dime on diapers and food. I don't even drive the car I love because I honestly can't afford to put gas in her. I had plans to buy performance parts for this season and now I have nothing. I am going for the sleeper look so the pictures attached you'll see that I'm very meticulous with her. Winning the 1000 dollar prize would actually bring a sense of hope to my heart. I so desperately want my daughter handing me tools and helping me work on the car she will ultimately have. With everyone's help (the judges), I think my dream can be put back on track. Thanks everyone. Much love from the states (: \r
Ps. I don't know how to use filters or anything really on my phone. I can crop and use stickers lol.


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