1979 Chevrolet Berlinetta Camaro





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-Chrome air cleaner -Holley 600cfm carb -1 inch spacer (air cleaner stud made a nice custom bump in the hood) -Ebay deluxe "MSD" distributor -redneck bodywork (in progress) -custom rear shackles from the dump -Home made leaf spring mounts -1/4in plate steel patches on the rusted out parts of the frame -high flow performance exhaust (factory single exhaust into a $30 glasspack) - optioned out with doors that don't close correctly - mint Chevrolet floor mats -back seat full of junk -busted out front grille

Build story

1979 Chevrolet Berlinetta Camaro Lovingly known by my friends as "The Turd" due to its brown color\r
At the wise old age of 16, I purchased my first car. Everything since has been a rolling project to keep this thing on the Minnesota roads. Even parked for the winter, rust keeps growing on it. Over the past 6 years I've been replacing things as they break, and picking away at the bodywork. At first I was using an arc welder from the 1980's to do frame and bodywork, but recently I bought the Harbor freight welder for $100 and have been having much more luck.


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