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1978 Dodge Colt Coupe





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Home made intake\r
Homemade exhaust and headers\r
Ford 8.8 explorer rear end\r
Datsun 240sx front suspension \r
Fuel cell\r
Acura Integra seats

Build story

This is my 1978 Dodge Colt I picked up from a gentleman mid January, vehicle was a none runner.\r
So far I've redone the floors, trunk, front frame and drivers fender concerning rust repair, car is now nearly rust free.\r
As for mods If I can't build it or find it second hand this car isn't getting it. \r
One of the most interesting parts of the car so far is the intake setup, it is running four Klein 42mm PWK carbs all with independent runners to each intake port, one carb per cylinder.\r
The rear end is from a 95 ford ranger 31 spline, I have added 97 mustangs rear calipers and rotors as well as 4.88 gears from a precious project as well as a limited slip. \r
The rim and tire situation is 15x9 aluminum mags off of the ranger cleaned then cleared, the front will be 15x7 aluminum mags off of the Datsun, the Datsuns front suspension has yet to be installed in the car thus it current does not have the rims installed.\r
The rear fuel cell is a 32 gallon rally cell out of a dirt circle track car, the pump is from princess auto.\r
The seats are leather bolstered seats from a 97 Acura Integra, I have them currently setup to be hard mounted. The seats are not currently installed since I am still doing interior work.\r
Last but not least the exhaust is completely custom using pipe salvaged from multiple vehicles, has a 2 foot by 3 inch cherry bomb as a muffler, the headers were made out off scrap conduit.\r
Ive been postponing uploading this till the last moment in hopes to have more done but I have ran out of time for this show haha, the car is nowhere near to finished but I am aiming for a mid July maiden voyage.


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