1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Station Wagon





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Yanked out the original 305, built a 010 cast 350, flat tops, total seal rings, H series bearings, forged crank, H beam rods, AFR heads, Comp Cams, Trick Flow intake, Holly 750, headers, 2.5 inch duelz, performance built 700R4, 3000 stall, factory 8.5 10 bolt rebuilt with 4-11 pozi. boxed rear control arms, 100-250HP shot of Nitrous. Car weighs in at 4080 lbs minus my 170lbs in it. Best time it ran was 12.29 @ 108 mph in the quarter. Body and paint are factory original, interior is original, no weight reduction.

Build story

I have the skills and shop to do pretty much anything to any car. I am medically retired from the Federal Govt so to find this Caprice Wagon, all original in pretty decent, original condition, I needed something to do with my days. This car is a sleeper.


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