1970 Chevrolet Belair Sport Coupe






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Custom pinstripe flame paint job form 1972\r
Original Crager SS mags

Build story

Back in February of 2018, I decided that it would be cool if the car that my Dad and Mom drove at their wedding on May 24th 1975 was running and drivable for my two younger sisters weddings happening that year.\r
The car is a 1970 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door hardtop Sport Coupe with a custom pinstripe flame paint job, nick named The Green Dragon. Sometime late 1975 or early 1976 the car was parked and the engine and transmission were removed for some forgotten reason. The car had been sitting in the barn for the last 42 years. \r
With the late spring we had that year the snow did not melt till almost exactly 5 weeks till the first wedding. I had an old 1976 GMC Sprint with a 400 SBC engine that ran but had a bad transmission. So my Dad (Robert) and I pulled the engine and started cleaning it up. We pulled a TH350 transmission from one of my old trucks and on May 23rd we got them put into the Bel Air. \r
To clean the intieror I had to compleatly remove it from the car.\r
The Dragon roared again after 42ish years on May 27 2018. We got the interior back in on the 29th and it went to Compition Muffler for new exhaust pipes and Market Tire for a wheel alignment on the 30th. \r
We discovered it needed a new master brake cylinder on Tuesday and managed to get one last minute on Wednesday the 30th and managed to get the brakes working properly Wednesday night. \r
We drove the car to 300km to Regina the next day with no major issues! We were a bit worried that Wednesday that we would not get it done in time. But we succeeded! And surprized my sister with it at her wedding on June 2nd. \r
My Dad and I have been taking it to local shows since. Still lots to do but we are slowly working at it. Lots of great memories were made with many more to come.


Well that a nice story! Are you aware that your car car is quite rare? One of 3458 units built in Canada and sold for Canada only! I know because I have almost the same car as yours, mine is dark green and yours is Olive green. Mat B


June 12, 2023

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